The Tibetan Gallery & Studio

The Tibetan Gallery & Studio is the working studio of Tibetan master artist, Tashi Dhargyal.

Tashi is one of the few masters in the West working entirely in the traditional Tibetan method, which includes hand-prepared canvas, hand ground mineral pigments, and 24k gold.

Tashi’s studio in the Barlow has become home to a very unique project, the first thanbochi painted by a Tibetan outside of Tibet.  This is a most auspicious endeavor for North America.  A thanbochi is a very large thangka that is shown at special prayer ceremonies and brings blessings to all who see it.  This massive undertaking will take five years to complete, the canvas measures 15×20 feet. The project began in June of 2013, and will be complete in February, 2018.

The Studio is located in The Barlow (6770 McKinley Street #130, Sebastopol, CA) and is open by appointment only.

The Tibetan Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit.  Donations are most welcome.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us!