Pictures of the Tibetan Gallery & Studio

These are the most recent additions — our thanbhochi progress and more. To see the whole collection, visit our Pinterest site.

Beautiful progress o
#Thanbhochi detail:
Thanbhochi detail, i
#thanbhochi detail:
Detail of the #snowl
A detail of #Vajrapa
29 months of progres
Thanbhochi details.
Tashi has been makin
The view from above:
The #thanbhochi: 34
#garuda detail in th
Tashis junior assis
Quite possibly the b
Tickets available at
The most unique gift
More #ColoringForMed
Thanbhochi detail: M
5/14/2016 at Tibetan
Nature and offerings
A detail of #Manjush
Looking for a very s
27 month of progress
Saturday November 7t